About Us

Having first-hand experience of hair loss, I understand the devasting impact it can have on your confidence, self-esteem and wider impact on your general wellbeing.

Suffering from hair loss at a young age led me to extensively research available treatments from hair transplants and hair systems to medication to halt the hair loss process. However, I found that all the options available had significant drawbacks and in the main provided only a temporary fix and not the a long-term solution I was looking for.

I thought I had exhausted all options until I came across an article about a new non-surgical cosmetic treatment – ‘scalp micropigmentation’ (SMP). I will be honest, initially, I was far from sold on the idea. The thought of completely shaving my head for the cosmetic procedure was daunting enough. This combined with some results I had seen on the internet, from unnatural looks with severe hair lines to inaccurate edging and inconsistent follicle density, heightened my anxiety about the procedure.

After spending a significant amount of time further researching the procedure and then meeting a fantastic technician, who like myself had experienced the challenges of hair loss and then undergone the treatment for themselves, I felt reassured I was in the safest hands to go ahead with the procedure.

The procedure was surprisingly less painful than I was expecting, and I could not have been happier with the results. All too often we hear about ‘life changing’ procedures, but it could not be truer in my case. The positive results of my procedure, not only in terms of my appearance, but also my confidence and mental wellbeing, led me to want to help others experiencing the challenges associated with hair loss. With that, I began my journey to become a fully qualified SMP technician.

With extensive and expert training, I spent hours perfecting the art of creating a natural look that best compliments an individuals face and features. I take great pride in my work, always aiming to make my clients feel just as I did when I walked out of the treatment room following my procedure.

Dan Hassall, Founder